Loop 1 highlights the hybridisation of the two mediums, photography and video, and the back and forth between appearance and disappearance, the central theme of the work. The photo/video adds the notions of ‘speed’, ‘distance’ and ‘metamorphosis’ unique to video to photography’s notions of time and space (‘instantaneous’, ‘fixed’ and ‘immobilised’’). The video/photo adds photography’s notions of ‘instantaneous’, ‘fixed’ and ‘immobilised’ to video’s notions of time and space (‘speed’, ‘distance’ and ‘metamorphosis’). All videos are in 1:3 format, in the middle of the screen, like videos of photographs in portrait format. The media are video monitors with slim frames, similar to floater frames or frames, in order to establish a visual correspondence with the photographs


Loop 2 alters the representation both visually and in terms of the device and media. The artist’s mechanism proposes the disappearance of the subject through the alteration of the material from loop 1 (water becomes ice, the milk goes bad, etc.). As the works are photographs of the photographs and videos of the videos from loop 1, the visual quality is not as good. The light is altered in its intensity and homogeneity. The decrease in intensity makes it possible to show the alteration of the material. The decline in homogeneity makes the figure disappear. The progression of the loop thus accentuates the back and forth between appearance and disappearance thanks to the device developing the hybridisation of the two mediums in parallel. Alteration of the videos and photographic materials contribute to this hybridisation by eliminating their distinguishing features: the removal of frames from both mediums and the vertical presentation of video monitors with full screen images.


Loop 3 continues to alter the representation of loop 2 until there is no distinction between the two mediums. The artist repeats the mechanism in loop 2, emphasising the disappearance of the subject through alteration of the matter. More present in the image, it replaces the human figure. Its visibility takes precedence over that of the subject driving figurative work towards abstraction. The visual quality diminishes again, showing works that are photographs of the photographs and videos of the videos from loop 2. Altering the light leads to obscurity, the dark playing a part in the dynamics of disappearance. Altering the supports further emphasises the hybridisation between the two mediums and enables the back and forth between appearance and disappearance to be maintained. Photographs and videos will be projected onto a sheet of white photo paper mounted on an aluminium sheet. Light from the projector will reveal the dark images more. Hybridisation of the two supports erodes their distinct characteristics. Maintaining the dynamics of appearance enables a link and continuity to be established with loop 1 so that the entire work operates with a looped playback. The works from loop 3 must be exhibited with those from loop 1 and loop 2.





the artistic work

Creating mechanisms combining human figures, materials and gestures, the work endeavours to hybridise photography and video. It also alters representation to expand on the time and space in order to make visible a transition between the appearance and disappearance of the human figure with a looped dynamic.


The production of images follows a guiding thread; the work as a whole can be interpreted like a book with a beginning and an end. All of the images form one single work. The transformation of the mediums and the alteration of the representation takes place gradually dividing the time into 3 chapters, arranging the work into 3 parts named loops by the artist. Each part is called loop in connection with the dynamics of coming and going between appearance and disappearance which brings together all the works. Each loop comprising photographs and videos consists of 37 series or photographic works and 23 series or video works. Loop 1: 2010 to 2018, Loop 2: 2018 to 2021, Loop 3: 2021 to 2024.