Creating mechanisms combining human figures, materials and gestures, the work endeavours to hybridise photography and video. It also alters representation to expand on the time and space in order to make visible a transition between the appearance and disappearance of the human figure with a looped dynamic.

The production of images follows a guiding thread; the work as a whole can be interpreted like a book with a beginning and an end. All of the images form one single work. The transformation of the mediums and the alteration of the representation takes place gradually dividing the time into 3 chapters, arranging the work into 3 parts named loops by the artist. Each part is called loop in connection with the dynamics of coming and going between appearance and disappearance which brings together all the works. Each loop comprising photographs and videos consists of 37 series or photographic works and 23 series or video works. Loop 1: 2010 to 2018, Loop 2: 2018 to 2021, Loop 3: 2021 to 2024.


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