With devices that combine the human figure, matter and gestures, the work, by hybridising photography and video and by altering representation, makes it possible to expand time and space to make visible a passage between the appearance and disappearance of the human figure on a dynamic loop.

The production of the images follows a guiding thread which gives a reading of the work as a whole, similar to a book with a beginning and an end. The totality of the images thus constitutes a single work. The transformation of the media and the alteration of the representation is carried out progressively, dividing the time into 3 chapters and organising the work into 3 parts designated by the artist as loops. Each part is called a loop in relation to the coming and going dynamic between appearance and disappearance that unites all the works. Each loop is made up of 37 photographic series or works and 23 video series or works.

Loop 1: 2010 to 2018
Loop 2: 2018 to 2022
Loop 3: 2022 to 2025.